"Jewellery that will be loved and continue to gleam more than 100 years" is what I have kept in mind since I started my career as a jewellery artist. It's my principled position throughout my creative activity and also a dream which I am pursuing.

I would be more than happy if my works will continue to shine from generation to generation, and even without end, so that they can serve as your future antiques. I will constantly put my soul in day-to-day creative activity.


Fusion of "classic and modern" is the thematic concept Mitsuo Kaji has pursued in producing his emaux jewellery. He has earned a reputation for establishing an original style in the Japanese jewellery world.
He has also released "The Best Collection", in which he intended to present Japan's highest levels of jewellery products, and the "World Heritage Jewellery" produced under a grand project in cooperation with UNESCO. These are collections of his works produced on an overwhelming scale that has no parallel.
Establishing his position as a jewellery artist representing Japan, he works in broad areas.
He makes it a principle to produce jewellery that lives and is loved even after 100 years.
In other words, he is "producing future antiques" as a matter of principle.
Mitsuo Kaji was awarded the "Graduate Gemologist" degree by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).
He is also a jewellery connoisseur and leading collector of antique French Emaux.
He is a renowned antiques collector and researcher.
Mitsuo Kaji is managing director of Kaji International, Co., LTD.; managing director of Nikko Co., LTD.; president of MITSUO KAJI Jewellery Art

Kaji Mitsuo Hoseki Kyoshitsu (Mitsuo Kaji Jewellry School), published by Daiwa Shobo.
Kaji Mitsuo Jewellry no Sekai (Mitsuo Kaji's World of Jewellery), published by Sekai Bunka Publishing Inc.

Mitsuo Kaji Biography


Born into a family that ran Suisu Tokei-ten (Swiss Watch Store) dealing in watches and jewellery in Osaka.


Makes his debut as a pop singer from Nippon Columbia on Kurokami (Black Hair). Seishun no Jokamachi (Castle Town in My Youth) was a great hit. Makes many appearances in TV and films.


Retires as a singer, as promised to his father. Receives a Grand Prix and a silver award at the International Pearl Design Competition.


Studies gemology and jewellery design at the GIA and earns a Graduate Gemologist degree there.


Returns home after studying at the GIA, establishes the Japan Gem Identification, and works as a gemologist as well.


Releases "Emaux" under the theme of "Classic and Modern", marking the start of his career as a jewellery designer.


Releases En Tremblant Jewellery (patented).


Purchases watches from around the world as a watch collector and holds an exhibition of Old Watch Collection.


Holds "Antique & Modern Exhibition" marking the 10th anniversary of his career as a jewellery designer.


Holds "Selected 100 Antique Cameos" at the request of the British Embassy in Japan, earning a reputation as an antiques collector.


Holds "Art Nouveau Goddesses" marking the 15th anniversary of his creative activity.
Releases "Impressive Jewellery" featuring eccentric jewellery products.


Launches a millennium project of "masterpiece films jewellery" focusing on the greatest 20th century cultural heritage films, creating a number of works imaging such films as "Roman Holiday" and "Gone with the Wind".


Releases "The Best Collection" of jeweler. "The Great Ashoka Diamond" of top quality (22.78 ct) claims a lot of attention in the jewellery industry.


Releases "World Heritage Jewellery" marking the 20th anniversary and, with cooperation from the National Federation of UNESCO Association in Japan, creates jewellery works featuring World Heritage sites, with Mont Saint-Michel as the symbolic object adorned with 452 diamond pieces and 2 kilograms of platinum.


Releases "Skull Jewellery" on the theme "Memento Mori" (in Latin meaning "Remember you must die").


Releases a car mascot "Dea del Cosmo" (Goddess of Cosmos) for Rolls-Royce Wraith (1939) in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of his activity as jewellery designer, drawing a lot of media attention. Kaji has a 1939 Rolls-Royce Wraith.


Releases a new song, Hitotsubu no Ai (My One and only Love), for the first time in 45 years, at the exhibition marking the 30th anniversary. On that occasion he releases a series of jewellery works with the motif of "love."


Creates jewellery items featuring landscapes that stay in his memory of a world cruise.
He keeps on producing creative works with enthusiasm aiming to achieve even higher levels.


Announcing a new line of Mitsuo Kaji jewellery "The Unity of Eastern and Western culture which we combine French miniature emaux(enamels) and turtle shell in Japanese lacquer traditional Makie craft.
And soon will announce another new line of unique curving jades which has a many variety of colors.