Jewellery Salon

The marble-clad space may be called Mitsuo Kaji’s jewellery showroom. Guests are welcomed by selected 19th century antiques in the Jewellery Salon.

Exhibition Hall

Stained-glass windows through which watery light comes in, add to the elegance of the Exhibition Hall, which is a space for presenting Mitsuo Kaji’s collections and jewellery works. He sends out new waves quickly from this hall.

Private Museum Salon

The beautiful layout of museum-class displays of an antique collection is what this Private Museum Salon is about. It’s an “invitation only” salon. Beautiful antiques, collected by Mitsuo Kaji over the many years, can be viewed just as in a museum.

Guest Salon
Visitors are asked to make advance reservation. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding exhibition plans and contents.